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Upgrades & Prorating Licence Fees

You can upgrade your license to more sites, or to the Lifetime option. When you upgrade from your existing plan, you will be charged a pro rata amount, meaning the amount you have already paid will be taken into account.

You receive a proration discount, based on the unused portion of your previous plan:


  • If a user purchased a single-site monthly pro package for $10 per month and after 2 months and 15 days upgrades to the annual billing cycle of the same single-site pro plan for $100 per year – the customer will have already paid $10, and will have used half of their current billing cycle. Therefore, the initial prorated amount will be $95 ($100 – $10 / 2).


To upgrade, go to our plans and select the option to which you want to upgrade. You will see the Freemius checkout box on your screen. Make sure it reflects the plan and payment option you have selected.

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