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In WP Genealogy ‘Trees’ are lines of descent (ie one, or many, families) and are used to catagorize multiple indviduals/families into groups based on their relationships. ‘Tree’ in WP Genealogy does not refer to the typical graphic style illustration of a family tree – we refer to these as ‘Charts’.

WP Genealogy Trees Button

Fi. 1 – Click on the Trees button to view and manage you lineages. (Click image to enlarge)


A Tree in WP Genealogy is a container for any independent set of family data. The Premium version of WPGenealogy allows you to create multiple Trees on your site, but since Trees are independent, you cannot link a person in one tree to any person or family in another tree. For that reason, any people that are or could be linked together, should be kept in the same Tree.  You can use ‘Branches‘ to create sub-groups of people within a Tree.


1.  Find / Search

Clicking on the ‘Find’ option in the Trees button brings up a simple search screen where you can easily find Trees.

WPGenealogy - Find Tree

Fig. 2 – Find a Tree. (Click image to enlarge)

2.  Add Trees

Clicking on the ‘Add’ option in the Trees button allows you to create a new User and define the capabilities they have to add and edit family member information.

Required Fields:

  • ID can be anything you want – a number, a family name etc.
  • Tree name
  • Description

Optional Fields

  • Owner
  • Email
  • Address, City, State/Province, Zip, Country
  • Phone
  • Options
WPGenealogy Add Tree

Fig. 3 – Add a Tree. (Click to enlarge)

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