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The Set up button on the Dashboard provides access to tools to help you manage the front end ‘hub’ page.


WP Genealogy Setup Button

Fig. 1 – Click ‘Set up’ to access settings for the front end ‘hub’ page.

Click ‘General Settings’

And you will see options for “Page” to manage the WP Genealogy hub page content and ‘Toggle Section’ to show/hide links on the hub menu section.


WP Genealogy Setup Optioin Page

Fig. 2 – The WP Genealogy front end ‘hub’ can be managed from the Setup => Configuration => General Settings page.


WP Genealogy Hub Page Options

Fig. 3 – WP Genealogy Hub Page Design and Content Options


Use the options in the Page section to edit the content of the Hub page and the options in the Toggle section to show or hide the links.

If you change the default image and want to add it back again try a version of this link “https://YOURDOMAIN/wp-content/plugins/wpgenealogy/public/src/assets/images/home-bg.png”

WP Genealogy Hub Default

Fig. 4 – Default Frontend Hub Page


WP Genealogy Hub Revised

Fig. 5 – Personalised Frontend Hub Page


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