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Set Up Wizard

The first time you install the plugin, a set up wizard will launch following registration.  This tool makes it easy to get started.

Note that this can only be run on your first setup.  If you skip this option or want to make changes, you will need to use the options in the main plugin later.

Stage 01 – Add a Page Name

WPGenealogy Set up wizard

Fig. 1 – Set up wizard screen 1 – Name your main family history page

WPGenealogy runs on your site within a single page – so you need to set up this page, install a shortcode and link the plugin to the page.  This is all done in the wizard.

We recommend naming the page for your main family, for example, ‘Jones Family History’ would be fine.  If you have multiple famililes then maybe keep it more generic – eg ‘Family History’.


Stage 02 – Define Hub Content

WPGenealogy Setup Wizard

Fig. 2 – Configure your front end content

In stage two you can configure the home page that is the hub for your WPGenealogy front end content.



Stage 03 – Define a Tree and Branch

WPGenealogy Setup Wizard

Fig. 3 – Define a family tree and branch

Creating a ‘Tree’ will define a family group into which all your family members can be added.  This is used to manage various reports and displays in WPGenealogy.  You can further refine displays and charts etc by adding sub-groups known as ‘Branches’.


Stage 04 – Import a Gedcom File or Start Creating People

WPGenealogy Setup Wizard

Fig. 4 – Import a Gedciom or start adding people

A Gedcom file is the standard interchange format for family history information.  If you have added family members to another program it is likely that this will export a Gedcom file.  WPGenealogy uses Gedcom version 5.5 and the Premium version of the plugin can import this for you.

If you do not have a Gedcom file or wish to add family members directly, you can do this by clicking the second option.



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