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Quick Start Guide

1.0  Create a ‘Tree’

WP Genealogy uses ‘Trees’ to organise your family information.  Anyone you add to the plugin must be assigned to a Tree.

To create a Tree, go to the sidebar menu:  WP Genealogy => WP Genealogy Dashboard => Trees and select “Add”.

2.0  Set up a ‘Branch’ (Optional)

A Branch is a set of individuals, within a tree, that all share a common label. An individual in the tree may belong to more than one Branch. A branch enables you to fine tune some elements, such as reports and charts, derived from a Tree.  For example, you can make a descendent chart starting from a specific family member (called the ‘root’) that will show only their descendents and not the whole family.

3.0  Start Adding Your Family History Information

In the WP Genealogy Dashboard, select: People => Add.

  • Enter some basic details for the person – first name, family name, nickname, gender etc.
  • Assign the person to a Tree and (optional) a Branch.
  • Add some core life event dates – eg birth, christening, death, burial if known.
  • Click save and continue (additional informaiton can be added later).


4.0  Alternatively Import a Gedcom File

If you have the Premium version of the plugin you can import data as a GEDCOM file.

In the WP Genealogy Dashboard, scroll down to the Administration section and select: Import/Export => Import.


5.0  Configure the Frontend ‘Hub Page’ for Your Site

WP Genealogy will create a front end ‘hub’ (a home page) for your family history site.  You will need to add your own text and images to personalise this for your own site.  Go to:

WP Genealogy Dashboard  => Setup => Configure Hub Page => Page

Here you can:

  • Specify the page which contains the hub shortcode (see above)
  • Add your page heading
  • Add some introductory text
  • Add a button link and name this
  • Link to your own image

Save the changes.


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