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Plugin Terminology

A Branch is a set of individuals, within a tree, that all share a common label. An individual in the tree may belong to more than one Branch.


A chart is a graphical display of your family descent or acent – often referred to as a ‘family tree’ although different charts display many different types of information.


The WP Genealogy Dashboard is not the same as your WordPress plugin dashboard.  It is a front end control panel giving logged in users access to all the principle information management pages of WP Genealogy.


Gedcom is the standard format for exchanging genealogical information. 

Gedcom is an acronym standing for Genealogical Data Communication.

WP Genealogy includes the ability to import and export Gedcom files.  However, please be aware that this ‘standard’ is not very standard and many genealogy programs have added their own tweaks and bespoke changes to this over the years and we cannot therefore guarantee that evry import or export will be totally correct.


The WP Genealogy Frontend Hub is a menu page on the front end of your site giving non-logged users access to the public information on your family history.  Logged in users may also use this hub to search and view information and may see enhanced information, depending on the privacy settings you have enabled.


LDS stands for “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints“.  The Church encourages members to conduct genealogical research and we plan for this plugin to have an add on that will enable LDS specific fields for those who need them.

Tress are lines of descent (ie a family) and are used to catagorize indviduals into groups based on their relationships.  ‘Tree’ in WP Genealogy does not refer to the typical graphic style illustration (see ‘Charts’).

A Tree in WP Genealogy is a container for any independent set of family data. WPG allows you to support multiple Trees on your site, but since Trees are independent, you cannot link a person in one tree to any person or family in another tree. For that reason, any people that are or could be linked together should be kept in the same tree.

A shortcode is a small piece of text  used in a WordPress plugin to do things in a page or post or


A shortcode is written inside two square brackets. For example, [xxxxxxxx].

WP Genealogy uses the [wpgenealogy] shortcode to add the plugin front end hub functionality to a page.

The plugin also uses a shortcode format like this [wpgenealogy-chart id='1'] to display family charts.

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