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Installing WP Genealogy

WP Genealogy’s free version can be installed directly from the WordPress plugin repository:

  1. Go to WP DashboardPluginsAdd new
  2. Now search for ‘WP Genealogy’ on the search bar to the right.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Activate.

From a Zip File

If you choose, you can download a Zip file from the WordPress Plugin’s Repository here. Once downloaded:

To install from a zip:

  1. Go to WP DashboardPluginsAdd new
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ button
  3. Select your zip file using the ‘Browse’ option
  4. Upload
  5. Activate

    Activate the Plugin

    Fig. 1 – Once the software is installed, click ‘Activate Plugin’.


You can also download a copy of the plugin from the Members Dashboard here. (You will receive your login credentials after your first purchase, and for security reasons, will have to update your auto-generated password upon your first login.)

Alternatively, you can log in here to manage your account and download the plugin direct. Once downloaded you can upload the software to your site using the normal upload option on the main “Add New” plugins page.

Register your Licence

If you have the Premium version you can enter your Licence key in the field (1).  Click to confirm you agree and accept our Terms and Conditions (2).  If you are activating the free version, select the option at the end of the screen (3).

Insert your licence number.

Fig. 2 – Insert your licence number.

Optin in to Receive Updates and Notices

Never miss an important update – opt in to our security and feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with freemius.com.  Click ‘Allow & Continue” to share the following information:

  • Your Profile Overview
  • Name and email address: Your Site Overview
  • Site URL, WP version, PHP info: Admin Notices
  • Updates, announcements, marketing, no spam: Current Plugin Status
  • Active, deactivated, or uninstalled: Plugins & Themes
  • Title, slug, version, and is active (optional)

Fig. 3 – Option in to receive updates

Normally, you should now see the main WordPress Plugins list page.

Check your Email and Click the Activate Plugin link.

Confimration Email Message

Fig. 4 – Check for our email and confirm your opt-in

Checking the software is installed

If you are installing WP Genealogy for the first time, you will find a new ‘WP Genealogy’ item in the WordPress sidebar on the left of your screen.

WP Genealogy Dashboard Menu Link

Fig 5: Once the plugin is installed an link will appear in the left hand sidebar.


Premium Version Upgrade

You can upgrade to the Premium version from within the Account Settings screen of the WP Genealogy sidebar menu.

Once the Premium version is installed, you will need to deactivate the free version or you may receive an error message.

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