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Import / Export


Note:   We recommend adding a Tree to contain the family file before staring an import.


1 – Importing

Click on the Import/Export button to access tools to import or export a Gedcom format file.

WP Genealogy Import/Export Button

Fig. 1 – Import and export data using the Gedcom standard format.


Select Import/Export from the Dashboard menu.

2 – Choose a File and Decide What Gedcom Events Settings You Need

Choose a Gedcom format file from your PC or add a URL linking to the Gedcom file.



WPGenealogy Import Data 1

When you start a Gedcom import, you may check either (or neither) of two checkboxed:

  • “Import Custom Event Types Only” – The Gedcom file is read only to load the EventTypes table with event tags not already in the table. Then you can go to the Administration >> Custom Event Types screen to select new eventtypes as necessary to change their attributes, and then run the Gedcom Import again.
  • “Accept Data for all new Custom Event Types” – All new event types in the Gedcom file will be added to the EventTypes table as the Gedcom is process, AND data associated with those event types will be saved in the database.

Also see Custom Events

3 – Tweak Import Settings

3a – Choose the Tree and Branch

The Tree is defined in a seperate screen and it’s best to add it before starting the import but if you need to you can add it now by clicking the green button and coming back to this page once done.

A ‘Tree’ is simply a group of related people and we use this to help manage your records.  A ‘Branch’ is a sub-group which can be used to fine turn your displays of information such as family tree charts.

WPGenealogy Import Data 3


3b – Define what happens to contacts when being imported

If you are importing additional data into an existing Tree, you may want to keep your existing information or altenatively replace it – you can tweak how the import is handled here.

WPGenealogy Import Data 2


3c – Adjust settings and click import

Note 1 – that the second item “Do not recalculate Living flag’ should normally not be selected as this stops the system estimating who is a living person and adding extra privacy to those people’s records.

Note 2 –  Importing Media can be tricky as many Gedom exports from desktop pcs link to and store media files in different ways.  Because there is not a single standard we cannot guarantee this option will always work with your Gedcom file.

WPGenealogy Import Data 4


Select ‘Import Data’ and the screen should shortly refresh and show a list of the contacts you have imported.  Please be aware that importing large files can be affected by the quality of your website hosting package.

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