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The ‘Family’ page allows you to create and manage lineages (families).  Following the GEDCOM standard, a WP Genealogy ‘Family’ identifies a legal, common law, or other customary relationship of man and woman and their children, if any – or a family created by virtue of the birth of a child to its biological father and mother.

An individual can be a member of multiple Families – for example they can be the child of one family and a spouse in another.  ‘Family’ in WPGenealogy does not mean ‘all the people in my database who I think are related’ – that is closer to what we would call a ‘Tree’ in WPGenealogy – the ‘Tree’ links multiple Families into one whole group.

WP Genealogy Family Button

Fig. 1 – Click on the ‘Family’ button to create and manage family groups. (Click image to enlarge)


1 – Family Listing Page

WPGenealogy Family Listing Screen

Fig. 2 – Family Listing Screen. (Click image to enlarge)




2 – Add Family Screens

Always assign your family to a Tree!

  • Family ID can be specified by you when creating a family although we recommend using the system generated ID unless you have a pressing need to change this.  You can Check if an ID is already in use.  Once confirmed you can Lock the ID.
  • Optionally, assign a Father and Mother.  You can search for existing individuals or create new ones.
  • Flag if Living and if you want to keep information Private.
  • Add key information if known – eg Marriage date.
  • Marrriage Type is a free text field where you can add explanatort text eg. ‘Civil’, ‘Church’, ‘Sealing only (LDS)’, ‘Common Law’, ‘Not Married’ etc as suits you.
  • If the couple divorced you can also add the date.
  • Click ‘Save and Continue’.
WPGenealogy Add Family Screen

Fig. 3 – Add Family Screen. (Click image to enlarge)






3 – View and Edit Family Screen

WPGenealogy View/Edit Family Screen

Fig. 5 – View and Edit Family Screen. (Click image to enlarge)







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