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Branches are sub-sets of a tree and are used to help users more easily manage and display their data.  An individual in the database may belong to more than one Branch.

One example of how you can use Branches is that you can create mutiple branches within a Tree (family) – for example, one for each child of a couple) and use each branch to power a seperate family chart showing only the descendents of each child seperately.  Given that family charts can quickly get very large and hard to follow on a screen, this enables you to focus in on smaller sections of a larger family.

WP Genealogh Branches Button

Fig. 1 – Click on the Branches button to create and manage sub-sets of your tree. (Click image to enlarge)


Find / Search

Clicking on the ‘Find’ option in the Branches button brings up a simple search screen where you can easily find Branches.

WPGenealogy Find a Branch

Fig. 2 – Find a Branch (Click image to enlarge)

Add Branch

Clicking on the ‘Add’ option in the Branches button allows you to create a new Branch.

  • Assign to a Tree (family)
  • Add an ID – whatever suites you ‘001’ or ‘Descendents of John” are equally fine.
  • Add a description.
  • IMPORTANT:  You should assign a Starting Individual (a ‘root’ person) to the branch.  This person will be used as the starting point for any family tree charts and reports based on the Branch and without a Starting Individual information may not display correctly.
  • Optional: Define how many generations from each ancestor/descendent will display – this gives you an option to control the size of a chart).
  • Tick to include the spouses of all descendents in any charts.
WPGenealogy Add a Branch

Fig. 3 – Add a Branch (Click image to enlarge)




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