Build Your Own Family History Website with WP Genealogy


WP Genealogy enables you to host your family history research on any WordPress website.

The plug in your ‘family history website in a box’ – create a bespoke family history home page, add data, show reports and charts, add search tools, control access and editing rights for guests, import and export and much more.

Why Use WP Genealogy?  It’s Got Everything You Need!


WP Genealogy is designed primarily to record and manage family history information and help you publish this on you WordPress website.  It has all the tools you need to get started with a family history site,

You can easily record births, marriages, deaths and other information for hundreds or even thousands of family members.  Plus, the plugin comes complete with a built in ‘front end’ portal that means both you and your readers can acccess information without the need to see the WordPress administration pages.

Basic features include person pages, charts, reports, a timeline, user management and access controls, a home page and import/export capabilities.

The Premium version adds a lot more features – see here Plus you can add extra tools with our growing range of add ons to make your site truely bespoke.

User Management

Allow some Users to edit and manage all or a part of your family tree – suggest edits, download pdfs etc etc.


Advanced Search

Search on….

Built in Home Page

Create a landing page with our built in home page.

Display Trees and Charts

Make your family history instantly accessible with family trees and charts.

Gedcom Import/Export

Import existing research using a Gedcom file.  Export Gedcom to back up or share your data,

Advanced Search

Use advanced tools to create bespoke reports.


Add a Bespoke Timeline

Our Timeline feature lets you add your own events to a time line creating a personalised visual representation of your family history.

Extended Functionality with Add ons

Add extra features and tools as you need them.

Sample Screens

Will add some…


Easily Locate Features from the Dashboard

Your WP Genealogy Dashboard gives quick and easy access to all the main tools and features of the plugin.



Easily Create a Family History Home Page

The plugin comes with a built in home page meaning you can quickly and easily set up a beautiful landing page for your family history site.



WP Genealogy Hub Home Page
Add People

Easily Location Features from the Dashboard

Blurb… …. …. ….



Easily Location Features from the Dashboard

Blurb… …. …. ….



Add People

Go Premium for Extra Features – only $12 p/m

  • Unlimited family members (free version limited to 200)
  • Link WP User to Family member
  • Advanced pedigree charts
  • Relationship Calculator
  • Events timeline
  • Custom event types – handle obscure or proprietary Gedcom tags
  • Premium support
  • Record cemetaries and headstones
  • Automated ‘What’s New’ page
  • Statistics from your data
  • Automated Notes page listing all notes attached to family members
  • Attach documents, recordings, and videos tp family members
  • Create PDF reports
  • Allow users to export Gedom files from the front end


How to Get the Premium Version?

You can upgrade to the Premium version seamlessly in-app – just go to the Account sidebar tab.

Alternatively, click the buttonto purchase and download.


100% No-Risk
Money Back Guarantee!


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Fully Supported

Our help centre provides a full set of documentation to help you install and run WP Genealogy.

There are also extensive video tutorials.

But if you do run into problems, Premium users can easily get one-to-one support to fix bugs and iron out issues.